Episode 3.9: A Little Uncomfortable Truth

This episode is a little different from our regular format; this is the first time I (Diana) record alone. It’s a quick segment, but things will resume as before in the next episode!


Juliane Nowe of the NowE show shares her wisdom about how cannabis and yoga intersect. Juliane also talks about her journey with creating her podcast, and how her educational offerings guide cannabis beginners. 


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Until next time, stay high and beautiful.



Episode 3.8: One Accessibility Roadblock that No One Is Talking About

Our resident beauty expert joins us today as a special guest co-host, and Barb starts off our Fave Pot/Not Pot segment with her selections: Wintergreen CBD Stick by Humboldt Apothecary, and Cheer on Netflix. Diana’s Fave Pot item is Good Moms, Bad Choices Podcast, and Immigrant Families Together

We have a brief but important discussion about the roadblocks facing working mothers in this industry, and why more companies need to change their business models.


– Jacquie Cohen Roth is the CEO and founder of CannabizMD and Tea Pad, and she tells listeners about how the cannabis climate in Maryland inspired the creation of her social enterprise. She talks about the need for inclusive networking spaces, and how Tea Pad’s history shapes the mission statement. 

Until next time, stay high and beautiful!


Episode 3.7: Bonus Episode at the Women of Cannabis Conference

Your Highness made it to the Women of Cannabis Conference, where Morgan Kristine represented the show! Before we get to the interviews, be sure to check out the latest holiday letter initiative from Expungement Now and Last Prisoner Project: send a holiday greeting to someone in prison for a cannabis crime.


Morgan got the chance to interview the following amazing womxn:

Ophelia Chong

Heidi Arsenault

Pamela West


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Episode 3.6: Understanding the Law Surrounding Mothers, Cannabis, and CPS

Once again Diana is joined by the amazing Morgan Kristine, CEO of High Society Haircare. We start with our Fave Pot/Not Pot: for Diana, it’s Colors by Evolab, and Masked Singer, for Morgan, it’s CBD.

We go over some of the things that are not commonly known about being pregnant/being a new mother in the cannabis space. It’s a very complex issue that we are definitely going to get into more often, and this episode just skims the surface.

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– Ah Warner, CEO and founder of Cannabis Basics, talks about her long history with the world of hemp and cannabis. She also talks about the importance of CHABA, Women of Weed, and the need for transparency in the world of hemp beauty products. 


Important links:


Blunt Blowin’ Mama 

Is It Safe to Use Cannabis During Pregnancy?

Margolin Lawrence



Transcription: https://otter.ai/s/0rgii9FeR76bPAEhp85Jcg

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