Episode 3.8: One Accessibility Roadblock that No One Is Talking About

Our resident beauty expert joins us today as a special guest co-host, and Barb starts off our Fave Pot/Not Pot segment with her selections: Wintergreen CBD Stick by Humboldt Apothecary, and Cheer on Netflix. Diana’s Fave Pot item is Good Moms, Bad Choices Podcast, and Immigrant Families Together

We have a brief but important discussion about the roadblocks facing working mothers in this industry, and why more companies need to change their business models.


– Jacquie Cohen Roth is the CEO and founder of CannabizMD and Tea Pad, and she tells listeners about how the cannabis climate in Maryland inspired the creation of her social enterprise. She talks about the need for inclusive networking spaces, and how Tea Pad’s history shapes the mission statement. 

Until next time, stay high and beautiful!


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